One More Trip Around The Sun Completed

One More Trip Around The Sun Completed

Birthday Orbit

Today I completed my 49th solar orbit.  Now I’m starting out on the big FIVE-OH trip.  Normally I want these orbits to seem like they last as long as possible.  However, this year I am kind of looking forward to getting this one over with quickly.  Why would I want a year of my life to go by quicker? I’m anxious to get out of my 40’s, that’s why.

When I was in my 20’s I was young but I didn’t know it.  I was married with two kids and I thought I was all grown up.

Then I hit my 30’s, which usually freaks people out, but I was fine with it. In my 30’s I got to do things that I should have been doing in my 20’s if I hadn’t been to busy trying to grow up so fast.  I also met the person I was really meant to be with for the rest of my life, my soulmate, Michele.

Then came the 40’s and all of a sudden I/we didn’t fit in anymore.  We were too old to be considered young and too young to be considered old. It’s the purgatory of age groups. You don’t fit in anywhere.

So I’m ready to be 50 and just call myself old.  Saying I’m old is not a bad connotation. It doesn’t mean I am going to start eating dinner at 4, sit in a rocker on the porch (although we do have a pair) and yell at those kids to get off my lawn! Ha! What kids? They are all on their phones and the only way they would be on my lawn is if they wandered on to it by mistake while snap chatting. Hmmm, OK maybe I will do a little old man bitching, but my point is that I will still be going to work, will still be hiking up mountains, and still be living life.  I can do all that and call my self old at the same time right?

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14 thoughts on “One More Trip Around The Sun Completed

  1. Getting old seems to have its advantages too. I’m reminded of Billy Crystal who, when asked why he played so many old characters on SNL, said, “I’m gettin’ ready.”
    It’s all about how you approach getting old–and you’ve figured out the perfect way to approach it.
    Christopher recently posted…Holiday Gift Guide 2016.My Profile

    1. OK, this is getting freaky. Found out Christopher Waldrop and I shared a birthday and now your son too? What does this all mean? Probably nothing, but I have a flair for the dramatic. I hope you made sure his birthday was not a part of Christmas because all us December birthday people can only count on our parents and significant others to do so.
      I maybe partied a little harder than him by going to my favorite sea food restaurant which also happens to have a sports bar attached to it. Nothing says Happy Birthday like crab legs and pig skins. Happy Birthday little Fancy-Pants!

  2. In my 40’s, if anyone asked me my age, after melodramatically gasping out “How DARE you?” I would say “I TELL people I’m 28”. I would indicate that my biological number was none of their business, and therefore, they would receive a lie as my response. And I looked late-20’s, early-30’s, so it was no big deal.

    Then we moved to NC for our family bullshit, and that state fucking AGED me. I still look young, but I have to say “I tell people I’m 38” because I now look late-30’s, early-40’s.

    Age is just a number, but 40’s weren’t a bad era for me, overall, except for the 20 months in NC. I hit my stride, as it were, professionally, and I was never really unhappy with my appearance.

    Now that I’m in the next stage, I’m struggling with what it means to be an “older woman” in Hollyweird, both in front of and behind the camera. When I go through periods of unemployment, like the holiday “hiatus”, I wonder if I’ll ever get back on set again. And then I drink a whole bottle of wine and I wonder what I could possibly have consumed yesterday that caused me to be up this morning at 3:30 puking and pooping (true story). Aging SUCKS. Don’t rush it.
    emelle recently posted…What’s that? ANOTHER review? Day-um, grrl!My Profile

    1. What I am about to say is seriously the truth. I thought for sure I was older than you. Every time you say “kids” I would always chuckle because I thought “uhmm not so much me”. So you can believe me when I say you look hella young. I’m no expert on Hollyweird but I’ve heard it can be tough on mature women. I’ve also heard that mindset is slowly changing and for your sake I hope it is true, because I am sure you still have a lot to offer.

      1. Thanks, yes. I’m at the point where a good friend (who is naturally grey-headed & looks like a hippie) & I have begun yelling “Get Off My Lawn!” (& I hashtag it on Twitter as #GOML), even though we both live in apartments. 🙂

    1. For some reason it always strips off the “www” when I go to your site. I added it to my blog roll link. Hopefully that will take care of the problem.

      1. Yeah, I dunno. Usually my “login” auto-completes so I can comment away without telling you AGAIN that it is I who am making the comment. But a moment ago, when I attempted to reply to Mrs. Fancy-Pants on your beer post, again, it didn’t link. THIS one is ready for me, with the last twelve (or so, I didn’t actually count) of my blog posts ready to link! What the what?
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        1. Who knows? WordPress has a mind of its own. At least you don’t have to pick out pictures of storefronts, street signs, and pizza like I have to do every time I comment on your blog. Although I really don’t mind the pizza one, because I like me some pizza pie. 🙂

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