Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right…

Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right…

When I started this blog I promised myself I wouldn’t post about political issues.  This is as close to breaking that promise as I’m going to get.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, especially when it comes to writing.  I can’t blame it all on the current temperament of the country, but all the screaming surely isn’t helping.  There’s screaming from the left, there’s screaming from the right.  There’s screaming on TV, on my Facebook page, and on my Twitter feed.  There’s screaming everywhere and I’m stuck in the middle.  So when things get like this I like to watch the below video.  It’s the only type of screaming that makes me feel good.

That is all.

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13 thoughts on “Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right…

  1. Screaming goats are great. Even if they do have freaky, dead inside eyes.

    I have felt the same. I feel like the US I am leaving is very different to the one I arrived in. And it’s like a trainwreck, I should look away but can’t. I feel compelled to read every article that gets shared. And you should NEVER read the comments below any political fb post – why can’t I learn not to do this?! It just makes me angry at the world.

    So like you, I won’t be writing any particularly political posts. I’ll stick with stuff that makes me happy and amused.
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    1. Ha! They do have freaky eyes. Maybe that’s why they scream so much.

      I know what you mean about the train wreck. I sometimes find myself getting drawn down into it and I have to take a step back. There were several blogs that I followed for the humor content that seem to have totally gone over to politics now. So I was forced to stop reading them. I hardly even get on Twitter anymore and I’ve had to seriously prune what comes across on my FB newsfeed. I’m probably going to have to get used to covering my eyes and ears and chanting “La! La! La!” for the next four years.
      LA LA LA

      1. In the month or so that I was away from blogging (yes, I’m catching up NOW), I almost eliminated FB completely. Twitter has its share of screaming, it’s true, but I found so much GOOD stuff there, because of #TheBloggessTribe.

        Now that I’m back, I’m reading the “old” blog posts from the blogs I follow, and I’ve checked in to FB a few times, mostly looking for family stuff. I’m saving @TheBloggess for last, because that catch-up will likely take me a couple of days!

        Goats are the best. Whatever respites we take from whichever social media sites we choose are FOR the best. Self-care is of the utmost importance. I’m sorry I wasn’t here for your descent into the pit. Hopefully, you’re climbing back out. Thank you for being here for MINE.
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        1. #TheBloggessTribe is the best thing about Twitter, that and #hashtaggames. But I haven’t really been participating in much of either lately. I feel guilty that I haven’t contributed to the tribe lately when they have been a great source of help to me in the past. There is just so much on Twitter that’s acting as triggers for me right now.

          There’s no need for you to be sorry. I understand how hard it can be when you are down there. I was doing a pretty good job climbing back out but have hit a bit of a stall in the last couple of weeks. So now I am just kind of in limbo, waiting to see what will happen. I hope I get started up again and I also hope to meet you on that climb soon. #depressionlies

          1. Yes, #DepressionLies, and also, IMO, #GuiltIsOfTheDevil. Meaning, there is never a good reason to “feel” guilty. If you’ve committed a crime, then even if you feel remorse, you still must pay some appropriate recompense. For lesser things, you can feel remorse over actions or inactions that hurt yourself or others, but unless you “change your evil ways, Baby”, don’t sit in your guilt. It’s not helpful to anyone, least of all you.

            — Ya like how I gave you an earworm for an earworm? 😉

  2. Well this is a huge coincidence. Last night at my pottery class the person to my left started talking about growing up with goats and the person on my right joined in to say what funny animals they are, and then I started laughing about fainting goats.
    It’s because I’m a clown and a joker and there they were stuck on either side of me.
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  3. Yay! A fellow goat GIF-er. No more cute cats or puppies playing with a chew toy, and no more rodent’s eating vegetables while pretending to ride toy tricycles. When it gets really ugly out there, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

    It’s time to bring out ‘cha goats!

    On an unrelated note, thanks so much for stopping by my place and for following along. Feel free to stop by whenever the mood strikes!

    1. Goats are the best! Better than Zoloft for cheering me up.

      I came across your site from a comment you left on The Bloggess. I was pleased to see you are a fellow hiker. I’m also an AT enthusiast. Probably more accurately could be described as an AT groupie, as I follow several trail blogs each year. I’ve done a fair amount of day hikes along the AT in VA as well as some of the side trails and I’ve done a few overnighters. However, recently I’ve been slacking off and let myself go a bit. Need to get back out there soon. My dream is to one day thru hike it, but it will probably have to wait until retirement or when I hit the lottery. I’m thinking retirement is the more likely scenario. 🙂

      I’ll be sure to stop by your place frequently. Thanks for coming around mine.

      1. That’s great! Sounds like we have a lot on common.

        I hope you don’t minimize the hiking you’ve done thus far. Day hikes and section hikes can be even more challenging (and rewarding) that thru hiking in many ways. So if you miss the winning lotto numbers (pretty sure its 7, 23, 46, and a few others that I can’t remember 😉 ) you’re still winning every time you get back out on the Trail. Or every time we connect with someone new in the blogosphere.

        Really glad we linked up!

  4. Perfect. The post…the goats…just perfect. I’ve loved that screaming goats video for ages, but now it’s where I’ll turn for a dose of humor when society’s screaming gets to be too much. Thanks for that!

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