Memorial Day Weekend Redux

Memorial Day Weekend Redux

Don’t you hate it when someone reposts an old post?  Yeah, me too.  Oh, guess what?  I’m reposting an old post.  You hate me now don’t you?  Well, Slightly Dickish, isn’t in my tag line as filler.

hate your face

I originally posted this story as a note on my Facebook page before I started this blog.  Then after I started this blog I was like “What the hell do I post now?”  So I copied some of my FB notes and published them here as some of my earliest blog posts.  Now that I have >0 readers I thought I would throw this apropos one back up for those not inclined to go archive diving.  This story was about an eventful Memorial Day Weekend trip we took a year ago.  So grab your burger off the grill, open your beer (or wine bottle, or soda, or whatever), and give it a perusal if you’re so inclined.  Also, don’t forget all the ones that gave ALL so we have the freedom of speech to be bloggers, readers, and commenters.

memorial day

Click here and read about my Memorial Day Weekend Madness, or click it and just look at the pictures.  Ha! There aren’t any pictures because I didn’t know how to do that back then.  But, really, just go there and read it!  Sorry, that was a little pushy.

P.S. I set this to auto post on Friday while I will be flying back home.  If you never hear from me again, this Memorial Day Weekend most likely did not get off to a good start.

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4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Redux

  1. Ya know what’s Even More Dickish than reposting an old blog post? LINKING to it. 😉

    We have the freedom, as bloggers, to revisit our old posts, particularly if they have significance to a specific date/event/person. It’s just lazy to not re-tell the story. We’re storytellers, aren’t we? I’m sure YOU would “comment” on something you wrote a year ago, by adding new details, or removing less effective storytelling bits, when YOU read it again a year later, right? So please, in the future, do that. K?

    Also, I hope you get to read this comment, because that will surely mean that you made it home safely. Have a great weekend!
    emelle recently posted…Crying JagsMy Profile

    1. I may be slightly dickish, but I am full bore lazy. So I can’t make any promises. 🙂

      Yes, the plane failed to crash and I made it home safely. Hope you have a great weekend too!

  2. I kinda like reposts. While I try to avoid random ones I’ve followed other bloggers who will use reposts to mark specific anniversaries, and even if I’ve read the post before sometimes rereading it I’ll find something new–or just revisit a happy memory.
    You know what I really hate though? When someone says, “Don’t you hate X?” and I can’t say, “I kinda like X” because it’s a rhetorical question.

    1. Well, I’m glad you liked the repost and you kinda did get to answer my rhetorical question. So I double satisfied you. Hmm, I should probably reword that, but nope, too lazy. 🙂

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