It’s My BBirthday!

It’s My BBirthday!

No, I didn’t finger fuck the “B” key when I typed that.  It’s not my birthday.  It is my BLOG BIRTHDAY!  Just A Small Cog is a whopping one year old today!  If you’ve even followed me a little bit then you knew it was going to be a beer up there and not cake.  A few months ago I updated the About This Small Cog page after a look back to when I started.  I think that section bears repeating here:

“UPDATE: 03/21/2017 – I’ve been blogging for about eight months now and I’ve been having a great time putting down my various musings in print.  Much to my utter amazement, there were people that actually read some of them, and even commented!  I’d like to thank some of my earliest readers who helped me along, encouraged me, and made the whole effort worthwhile.  Christopher Waldrop at Freethinkers Anonymous, Emelle at Ideas I’m Kicking Around, Mrs. Fancy Pants, and last but certainly not least, Linda at HalfA1000Miles.  It was because of Linda that I modified my tagline to include the words (slightly dickish).  After many discussions on her blog,  she gave me the honorary title of The Slightly Dickish Customer Service Representative of her site, and I thought the title fit perfectly.  Linda has currently taken a hiatus from the blogosphere, but I, among many others, hope she comes back to this world soon.  While a review of this blog by yours truly has resulted in the conclusion that it serves no redeeming value, I plan to continue on for the time being.”

I’ve learned a lot but I know there is still more to learn.  Hell, I just figured out how to do a featured image yesterday!  I’ve also gotten to talk to a lot of interesting people and enjoy their blogs as well.  See my updated links list on the right bar for blogs I’ve recently started following. They are definitely worth checking out.

I can remember lurking on blogs, dropping the occasional comment, and then thinking I should start a blog of my own.  I have things in my head that I need to get out.  My finger was literally on the mouse trigger several times to create the domain when I would back away because I didn’t think anyone would want to read my nonsense.  But one day I finally did it and like I said above, to my surprise, there were people that actually read them.  So THANK EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU WHO HAS EVER READ OR COMMENTED ON MY LUNACY!  Except for that one guy that offered me male enhancement supplements.  Who you been talking to anyway???

It’s certainly been quite the trip since my first post.  I think one of my favorites was when some friends and I came up with a unique fitness tracker.  There was also the time that I got drunk and posted a video of my head being waxed.  There are ones that I made you non-hikers suffer through like Ranger Dick and A Walk, Trip, Stumble In The Woods.  There are even serious ones like this one and The Fork Theory.

I know this blog doesn’t cure cancer or anything, but I hope it has served to tickle a funny bone, pluck a heart string, or just get you thinking about dumb stuff.  Thanks again!

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9 thoughts on “It’s My BBirthday!

  1. Happy bbelated bbirthday. Here’s to a great year and many more years of bblogging bbrilliance.
    And why can’t we have beer and cake? Heck, why isn’t there a beer cake? Or cake beer. Both of those things should exist.
    [Does quick Google search.]
    Never mind.
    Christopher recently posted…My Two Cents.My Profile

    1. Thanks Chris! I usually switch to wine if I am going to eat something sweet but I have been known to accept a piece of cake at a BBQ while still sucking the suds. However, now they have this. I haven’t tried it yet but I am pretty sure it’s the beginning of my eventual downfall.

  2. Happy BBirthday. I never remember to mark the occasion of mine.

    How’s that Not Your Father’s? I didn’t care for the root beer or ginger ale or cream soda… too expensive & not flavorful or alcoholic enough! I do better just mixing vodka with my own really good root beer, ginger ale, or cream soda!

    1. Thanks! I like the Not Your Father’s root beer, but you are right, it is expensive. It’s also very sweet and I can’t drink one after the other. So for those two reasons I don’t have it all that often. I haven’t been able to try the Mountain Ale one yet. It’s out there but it’s not widely distributed yet. I guess I’ll have to delay the start of my downfall a little while longer.

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