Think I’ll Go For A Stroll

Think I’ll Go For A Stroll

This isn’t really a post.  It’s more of a “Yes, I’m still alive” message.  I know I haven’t posted anything lately and there might be 2.5 people out there wondering why.  I also have been mostly absent from reading and commenting on my favorite blogs.  Don’t worry.  I haven’t thrown in the towel.  I’ve just been slammed at work lately and I’ve also been consumed with preparing for something.  Hmm, what was it I was preparing for?  Oh yeah, I AM FINALLY GOING ON A TWO WEEK HIKE ON THE  APPALACHIAN TRAIL!

I’ve been trying to do this hike for two years now and it is finally going to happen!  Later today my son Dusty, Sawyer (The Trail Wonder Dog), and I are headed up to the mountains and tomorrow morning we will be hitting the trail.  So you’ll have to live with out me for a few more weeks.  But bear-willing I’ll be back with good stories and pics to share.  See you then!

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17 thoughts on “Think I’ll Go For A Stroll

  1. Ari!!! To say that I am thrilled for you is an enormous understatement!! Shit, YES!!! I am beyond happy that you are going on this adventure because out there on the magic awaits you. Hope your heart is healing after your goodbye, and that you and your family are doing well. All the best, my friend! Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Tanya! I’m back now and it was quite the adventure. Some of it unexpected. I’m working on a post about it right now but fair warning, it will be long.

          1. Oh, so totally gone. But since they happened to me, they’re still up in my head 🙂 Who knew that if you don’t touch your site for 10 months, it looks like a hurricane hit in when you sign back in? It was a total mess and I then did not renew my hosting “lease”. I have something else creative going on. A game that I invented in the 1990’s went from a handwritten version to prototypes to actually being in printing right now, and will be sold on Amazon next month. OMG. I’m being all entrepreneurial and shit.

    1. Thanks! I do have photos coming soon as well as a lengthy narrative. Once you read it you might not want to live vicariously through me, hehe. Got you thinking now don’t I?

  2. I’m also one of the 2.5 people! Glad to see you posting, even if it is a placeholder for later. Enjoy your hike! Matt and I will be cutting through the Appalachian’s in January for my birthday in Virginia Beach. Looking forward to that as much as the actual beach trip. Can’t wait to hear how your hike goes. ♥

    1. Thanks! Work and getting ready for the trip have really kept me out of the blogosphere too much. I’m hoping to get back on track soon and catch up on all your blogs! BTW, I live in Virginia Beach.

  3. Interesting. I had no idea 2.5 was such a large number, and I’m not even sure we’re all here. Then again I’m really bad at math. For the longest time I thought the difference between whole milk and 2% milk was 98%, and what the heck is half&half?

    I’m getting way off the subject which is that I’m so glad you’re strolling down the Appalachian Trail. Enjoy it and I’m looking forward to the pictures and stories you’ll have when you return.
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      1. 2% and whole milk are actually 50% away from each other, and half-n-half is even fatter than that, being half cream and half (whole) milk. Sorry if that statement is too hurty for a non-math brain.

        On the other hand, I believe there are greater than 2.5 readers who care about Arionis’ whereabouts (even if some of us are also offline for too long). ?
        emelle recently posted…Welcome Back, (me)!My Profile

        1. Way too hurty for my brain! Thanks for checking in. I guess it’s been a busy time for us all lately. I’m hoping to have a post up today on my hiking adventures.

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