Halloween Petition: Give Me A Treat And Sign!

Halloween Petition: Give Me A Treat And Sign!

This is going to be short and sweet, which ironically, is the characteristics of the “fun size” candy passed out on Halloween.  Fun size?  What’s fun about smaller candy?  It would be more appropriate if they called it “giant sized”, but only because that’s the way a normal candy bar would appear to a giant.  Damn it!  I’ve already gone off on a tangent.  This isn’t even what the topic of this post is supposed to be about.  Let me try this again…

I’m writing to get your help for a petition I am starting.  It’s a very important petition.  I want to move Halloween from the 31st of October to the last Saturday in October.  Why?  Because I am a lush and I like to go to Halloween parties and drink.  It takes me at least a day (increasingly longer with age) to recover from a night like that.  Having work the next day kind of ruins it.  I could take the day off but I already do that just a mere month later on the day after Thanksgiving to recover from all the Turkey, beer, and football watching.  Nah, I’d rather the government just kowtow to my needs and change it so I can have the Sunday after to recover (and watch football).  So help me out here and sign my petition at the below link.  It would be a real treat if you did.  If not, there might be some virtual toilet paper coming your way for a trick.  Nah, I wouldn’t do that; much.

THIS IS THE PETITION LINK.  I need at least 4 signatures to make it visible to the change.org community.  Probably a few more than that to make it happen.


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9 thoughts on “Halloween Petition: Give Me A Treat And Sign!

  1. You are crazy to want to change the date of Halloween but at the same time it’s a great idea. Halloween on a weekday sucks and is very inconvenient. I never get time to plan on the weekday since I have to work. If Halloween falls on a weekend it’s so much easier for me and I get plenty of time to prep. Who knows, maybe more people will agree to this petition. Why not, I signed. Hehe.

  2. I have signed and, funny enough, have a post scheduled for tomorrow that I wrote months ago (I spend eleven months of the year preparing for Halloween because it’s the most wonderful time of the year) that addresses pretty much the same subject. Halloween should never be on a weekday. It should be a moveable feast.
    Also if you live in an area with a lot of churches (like I do) you know they often hold Wednesday night services and when Halloween falls on a Wednesday the city council sometimes has serious debates over whether it should be rescheduled.
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    1. GMTA! My father was a part time preacher and full time deacon/elder. When Halloween fell on a Wednesday or Sunday we didn’t get to go trick or treating. The church tried to make up for it by having a small party but it wasn’t the same. Looking forward to reading your post. Maybe with both of us behind it we can right this grievous wrong!

  3. It feels like communities decide on their own to “move” Halloween at will. Most churches in my ‘hood tend to host a weekend “Trunk or Treat” party, so costumes can be worn in a safe place, maybe some fall festival games can be played, and candy abounds. The last one of those I attended included a pancake breakfast, and the pastor dressed as Cap’n Jack Sparrow, complete with a giant paper skull/crossbones adorning his vehicle, the “white pearl”.

    Did you, or did you not, go ahead and get a teensy bit plastered on Saturday the 28th anyway? Even without your bill getting approved?
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    1. Well, it was Saturday, so yeah. But it wasn’t Halloween sponsored drinking. 🙂 In our neighborhood there is a Halloween block party thrown but they always stick to the actual night no matter what day it falls on.

  4. I like your idea but think you would have more luck if you asked teachers to get involved than your drinking buddies (even though that is a noble cause). Teachers don’t want kids on a sugar high or sugar crash who have stayed up late coming to school and driving them crazy. Something to consider… Petition signed!

    1. Good point! I can tackle the problem from two fronts. Thanks for that and the signature. I only need one more to make it visible. Five signatures should be enough to get something done doncha think? 🙂 You know, that reminds me of the time a person knocked on my door asking me to sign a petition to deny a liquor license for a new restaurant opening up a few blocks away. Boy did they knock on the wrong door. Think I’ll write a post about that one. So, thanks again!

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