I’m Officially Old Now

I’m Officially Old Now

Today I completed half a century of orbits around the sun.  Last year on this day I wrote a post about how I was hoping my 49th orbit would go quickly because I was ready to get out of the purgatory of the 40’s age group where you aren’t young, but you’re also not quite old yet.  I got my wish.  The year really flew by.  There were ups and downs.  I had to spend a significant amount of time away from home on a work project, however, it came with a silver lining.  My work location turned out to be relatively close to where my son is stationed in the Navy.  So I was able to spend a good deal of time hanging out with him.  We lost a long time furry companion and gained another one.  I’ve been meaning to write a post about this but still haven’t been able to get through it yet.  I also got to do a two week hike along the Appalachian Trail, something I’ve been trying to do for years, even though it didn’t exactly turn out as I had planned.  So, yeah, it was a roller coaster year, but it was a fast, short one, and here I am pulling back into the platform  for…

Big Five Oh

I’m now ready for my AARP card, more hair in my nose and ears than on my head, letting millennials call me sir, and that all important physical where the doctor gives me an anal probe; preferably with out his two hands on my shoulders.  Maybe I should strive for loftier goals?  Actually, my goal is to not let this slow me down, and keep on keeping on with what I normally do, while I get to officially call myself old.

I’d also like to give a shout out to my blogging buddy Christopher Waldrop.  We share the same birthday, although he is a few orbits behind me.  That young whippersnapper!

Old Man
A coworker wanted to make sure I didn’t forget I was old now. (Nice photobomb by Sawyer)

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14 thoughts on “I’m Officially Old Now

  1. Welcome to the 50’s. It’s fun here! It seriously is the best time of my life. Except for when the kids were little. (I’m lying. I just had to say that in order to seem like a nice person.)

    It’s also colonoscopy time. Let us know how that goes.

    1. Thanks! People looked at me weird when I said I was looking forward to it. The turning 50 part, not the colonoscopy. That’s going to be an interesting date. I better at least get a lolly pop, or a leather strap to bite down on. Don’t worry, I’ll blog about it in more detail than you probably want to know.

    1. Thanks! Trapeze? Can’t wait to see that one. You’re welcome to the ensemble but Sawyer wanted me to ask you why you don’t want a big fluffy lovable golden retriever? Not a dog person or you just assuring me that you don’t want to steal my dog?

  2. Psh-shaw! Yer still a youngun’! Git yer young butt over here and give us a kiss, will ya? And bring me my sweater and a blanket, while yer at it. Why’s it so COLD in here?

    I mean, um. I really kinda hate being old. I miss my glory days of the last two decades. 30’s was both tumultuous and exciting – full of growth! 40’s was not quite as fab, overall, but still pretty darn good. So far, I am not enjoying the downhill slope. I keep putting off the colonoscopy, personally. The prep mix is more ready than I am (not that it’s mixed yet; it just has two more years before it expires, so I probably won’t get around to using it until AARP is ready to send me MY card! or something…)
    emelle recently posted…I made some new friends today!My Profile

    1. Sorry for just now responding. The holidays have been crazy. I had to go back to work to rest! When you do finally get the colonoscopy you’ll have to live tweet it! Hope you had a good holidays.

  3. Make sure you talk about how much more respect young people had when you were a lad than the dreadful youth of today. That’s a mandatory part of getting old. That, and eating more fiber.

    I went to school with people who post stuff like that on facebook already. I think they have short memories because I remember what they were actually like and they would give the youth of today a run for their money 😀
    Mrs Fancy-Pants recently posted…Daniel Craig Is Not Under My HouseMy Profile

    1. Yes, I tend to find myself complaining about the youth of today. Some of it valid but some of it is exactly like you said. One thing I really find funny is when people post things about how when they were children they played outside and didn’t get online, but are complaining about it online!

  4. Shit, Ari, I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday, sir! I have spent the last month in an all-consuming funk, but I am back and am trying to get caught up with everyone, so I am glad I came to see what has been going on with you. I am 4 years behind you, but undoubtedly, it will go by in the blink of an eye. Happy New Year, my friend. I hope that 2018 is the best one yet!!
    Tanya recently posted…un-shaggable but hopefulMy Profile

    1. Thanks Tanya! Sorry to hear about the funk but glad you are coming out of it. I am SO behind on my blog reading since the holidays and the blizzard we just dealt with. It’s been all kind of drama lately. I’ll be posting about it soon. Hope 2018 is a good one for you too!

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