More Messing Around With My Go Pro

More Messing Around With My Go Pro

This isn’t a real post.  I went on an overnight hike last month that I briefly mentioned in another post and I brought my Go Pro along.  I made a short edit of some of the video I shot on the hike and thought I would show it to you.  Enjoy!  Or don’t.  Not trying to tell you what to do.

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10 thoughts on “More Messing Around With My Go Pro

  1. I kept looking for the Bear Box!

    Also, laughed out loud when you said “or don’t. (I’m) not trying to tell you what to do.”… because OF COURSE I watched!

    I’ve never tinkered with a GoPro, but I have thoughts:

    LOVE that you can’t help but shoot horizontally, unless you’re just a damn fool. Hate the fish-eye (panoramic) view, in that, for me, it’s slightly wonkifying to my brainage.

    You didn’t do half-bad! Keep it up!
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    1. No bear box on this trip. We were in the backcountry. Had to suspend my food sack from a tree limb. Should have gotten video of that evolution. It was quite comical, as it took me several tries to get it right.

      The fish-eye lens is a little weird, especially when I use it to take stills. I need to get better at positioning the camera. The only way to see where it is pointing is to look at a little remote monitor that comes with it. I use that at the beginning of the hike but I don’t take it with me as it adds to the weight of my pack. After getting brushed with tree limbs and getting knocked around when I take off my pack, I have to just guess when repositioning it.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Sometimes I think that messing around with the camera is distracting from the nature I am in, but when I get back home and get to relive it, I think it’s all worth it. I also shoot video for my wife to see. She used to come with me on adventures such as these but she has arthritis and can’t make the trips anymore. This way I get to bring a little bit of the nature back to her.

      I’ve always wondered if it would be practical to take a Go-Pro on a thru hike. I burned through two batteries just on that weekend hike. Keeping those charged might be a challenge.

  2. I didn’t want to enjoy this BECAUSE YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO but I did anyway.
    The best part is how laid back Sawyer is about everything, but I also admire you fire building skills.
    Specifically I admire you for being able to cook your meal without setting the surrounding area on fire–although the one time I did that I could have easily avoided it.
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    1. Your comment reminded me of a camping incident with a lantern. Do you remember those old Coleman lanterns you had to pump up before you lit them? My buddy and I were trying to do that when somehow it just erupted into a small ball of flame around the whole lantern. We were sitting on the table at the campsite and when we jumped back we upset the table that had all the other gear we had piled on it. We both hit the ground and all the gear rained down on top of us. My wife had been video taping and stopped just prior to that. I’m thinking we would have won $10K on AFV if she had gotten it.

      I want to hear about your fire incident.

      1. I had put together a hobo dinner (ground beef, potatoes, carrots wrapped up in foil) in the fire. And waited and waited and waited for it to cook and finally went into the tent to read. I came out a few minutes later and the surrounding area was on fire.
        With the help of several of my fellow Boy Scouts (group camping trip, but we each had individual areas) we got the fire put out. I redid the fire pit and made sure never to go off and leave it unattended again.
        And the damn hobo dinner still took another half hour to cook.
        It is too bad your wife didn’t get the raining gear on tape.
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