Eye Just Can’t Help Myself

Eye Just Can’t Help Myself

A couple years ago I tore the retina in my left eye.  It’s a whole thing that really doesn’t have a humorous note.  Unless you count the fact that after the surgery I was required to stare at my feet for six weeks and had to sit in one of those massage chairs and drink my beer from a straw because I couldn’t tilt my head back.  I’m counting that.

In the year after the initial surgery I had to have a couple more follow up procedures done to correct side effects that were commonly encountered.  The last one was laser surgery and they gave you this form to let you know when it was and things you needed to do beforehand.  When I read it, my OCD/D condition quickly informed me that the form had some issues.  So I sent them a message on Facebook with my suggestions and a picture of how I would correct the form.

Laser Eye SurgeryEye Form

Surprisingly, I didn’t get a response, or even a like.  Eye guess they didn’t see eye to eye with my brand of humor.  Eye am quite grateful that some of you do.

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14 thoughts on “Eye Just Can’t Help Myself

  1. HAHAHA! I would have liked it, like a hundred times!! Your suggestions were innovative, and the lightning bolts you proposed would have made laser surgery kind of exciting! I mean if I had to fill out that form, the more lightning bolts, the better in my opinion! FUN! Not one like or response? WTF man? And I do consider the way you had to drink beer very humourous, and it actually made me laugh out loud. I hope your eye is all better and you are drinking beer like a normal person once again! You are hilarious!!!
    Tanya recently posted…oh for pete’s sakeMy Profile

    1. Thank you very much, Tanya! Love knowing that I have peeps out there that share my sense of humor. The eye is at about 75% vision, which is likely as good as it will get, considering the damage it sustained. It’s good enough to drink my beer like a normal person though!

  2. The eyes definitely have it, and the way you’ve enhanced the form is quite a spectacle. Yes, I definitely see what you did there.
    Also if you have a little over an hour set aside check out Spalding Gray’s “Gray’s Anatomy” on YouTube.
    For a little perspective.
    Christopher recently posted…Bag ‘Em.My Profile

    1. I checked out the first few minutes of the video. When the guy was talking about worrying that the needle would go into his eye I could sympathize. Except in my case the needle DID go into my eye. You had to be awake during the surgery so you could move your eye in to different positions for the surgeon. The anesthesiologist told me they were going to put me to sleep long enough to administer the local pain block medicine into my eye and then bring me out again for the surgery. The surgeon did not want to do this and they actually got in an argument in the pre-op area. The surgeon ended the argument when he picked up the big long needle and slid it into my eye. Eye was not amused.

  3. the drawing you made to correct “left/right” looks like nutsacks. eye have no further comment (and yes, it pains me to leave that pun there), except is it OCD/C or OCD/D? see makes more sense (ouch) but dee is just a reverse see with a line; also the keys are near enough to each other for it to JUSTBEADAMNTYPO;CANYOUNOTJUSTLEAVETHEMANALONEFORONCE?

    off-topic: a waxing moon looks like a D & a waning moon looks like a C
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