No Mountains? No Problem!

No Mountains? No Problem!

I’ve been on an extended work trip to southern Mississippi and before I came down I was a little bummed. It is an excellent time of the year for hiking in the Virginia mountains and I am missing it! But a few weekends ago I decided to stop pouting and look around. You know what I found? Mississippi is beautiful in its own right.

This place took a hard hit from Katrina but they have done a great job of rebuilding. Biloxi Beach is a fine place to take an urban stroll. I walked along the beach and over the Biloxi Bay Bridge and back.  Then I kept on going until I found myself at a place right on the beach called The Blind Tiger.  They have a simple menu but what they do serve is excellent.  It was the perfect place to toss back a few and enjoy the ocean breeze. (I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  My camera phone has just about had it.)

Biloxi Bridge
WTF? Sawyer would not be pleased if he was here.

Biloxi Bridge

Biloxi Bridge Lock
Locks of love?

Biloxi Bridge Mural

Biloxi Bridge
Over wasn’t enough. I went under too.

Biloxi Bridge

The Blind Tiger
Oh yeah, that summer shandy is going down smooth.
The Blind Tiger
What a view!
Shrimp Tacos
Shrimp Tacos. Yummy.

The very next day I was doing a little research and wouldn’t you know it?  I found a hiking trail nearby!  It’s called the Tuxachanie Hiking Trail. It’s 12 miles from end to end but I did 5.5 to a lake and then back for an 11 mile total hike.  Some of the trail followed an old railway line and there were plenty of scenic views along the way, as well as a few history lessons.




This bridge was a tad bit smaller.
Obligatory selfie.
Uh oh! The bridge is out.
Alternate path.
My goal. The lake.

Oh yeah, guess what else they have here?  Casinos!  I didn’t find a mountain of gold there, but this foothill was a nice workout.

4 Aces

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10 thoughts on “No Mountains? No Problem!

  1. Glad you made the best of the trip to Biloxi. I’ll have to admit, while I was in the military, getting assigned to Biloxi was as close to a punishment as we could get (aside from Niwot in North Dakota). Fortunately, I was never ordered there.

    However, it looks like you’ve found a nice hiking trail, and those shrimp tacos look delicious!
    Gabe recently posted…The Ultimate Foodie Guide to VeniceMy Profile

    1. That was pretty much the same conclusion most of my team members came to when we learned we would be down here for an extended time. I was firmly in that camp until I decided to actually look around and discover there are quite a few things here worth experiencing. The food being one of them. I’m discovering a lot of local eateries that are pleasant to the palate. As a matter of fact, I’m getting ready to go to a new one here shortly.

  2. * “in its own RIGHT.” * Sorry, but you knew if anyone was going to correct you, I’d be the one. (“Rite” comes from “ritual”, ICYWW)

    Any place you go, you’ll likely find something good about it, if you look. Especially if you’re not going to be “stuck” there forever. Obviously, once we find our “best place”, then that’s where we want to be stuck forever. I’m glad Sawyer was unable to make the trip with you, so you didn’t have to be disappointed together about the bridge. Although he may have enjoyed the Tuxachanie Trail!
    emelle recently posted…Crying JagsMy Profile

    1. Ha! I can always count on you to keep me in line. I am going to get “right” on that edit.

      Sawyer would have definitely loved the trail. I get to go home for a bit on Friday and I’ll get to see him and his little brother Finn. I think they probably thought I abandoned them.

  3. To paraphrase Yogi Berra, you can find a lot by looking. Every place really does have fun things to do, something I learned on a trip to French Lick, Indiana–population 300.
    Anyway I’m glad you had a good time in Biloxi.

        1. Well, sounds like French Lick might be my third favorite French thing, right behind French Fries and French Bread. (I was going to say French Kissing and French Ticklers but that sounded a little crass.)

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