Head Wax

Head Wax

Back when I noticed I was starting to lose my hair I decided to do a pre-emptive strike and shave it all off.  Mrs. Fancy-Pants (check out her blog, it’s awesome) recently made a comment on a previous post where she mentioned that her friend tried to use an Epilady on his beard.  This reminded me of the time I thought it would be easier to wax my head than shave it every day.  So I got my wife, Michele, to use some of her wax strips on me.  Wouldn’t you know it?  There is video footage of that fateful decision.  I told Mrs. FP that if I had had enough to drink I might post it.  Well, I been drinkin’ today y’all.  So here you go.  I look like a complete idiot, but if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?  Yea, I know you can laugh at a lot of other people, but I’m going to laugh at myself anyway.

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14 thoughts on “Head Wax

  1. I have NEVER seen the appeal of waxing (see my comment on your Epilady post). Thank you for being man enough to experience what most women, including Mrs. Fancy-Pants, endure on a regular basis. You ROCK.

    The video was very funny. I might watch it again. 😉
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    1. … okay, okay, I admit I did NOT go to the Mrs. Fancy-Pants blog link BEFORE I commented here, so I didn’t realize your wife Michele was also “Mrs. Fancy-Pants”. Replace “Mrs. Fancy-Pants” with “Michelle” in my previous comment, and it will make more sense.

      Does Michele have a blog?
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      1. what the hell? … *was NOT also

        I just commented that it looks like I’ve been day-drinking. comment disappeared. if this is double-commented, Lee, please delete this second (second) reply to my own damn comment.

        not enough caffeine in my mmmmmocha, ‘parently.
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  2. Ha! Love it. And it’s especially timely because I JUST got back from having my eyebrows waxed. Burning hot wax + tender eyelid skin + very tender redhead = so very painful. Every single time I ask myself why why why do I go through that? I can’t even go out in public till this shiz simmers down.

    The Missus looks marvelous.
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  3. Little blood spots…and the worst part (or funniest part, depending on your perspective) is your head still looked pretty hairy after all that waxing.
    The lengths you will go to and the sacrifices you will make for a blog post are impressive, though. You just left out the most important piece of information: what were you drinking?
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    1. My spam filter doesn’t like you for some reason Chris. Right now I don’t like it!

      Yea, it didn’t work worth a damn. The few strips you see in the video are all I ever tried. It was like having pieces of my brain yanked out each time.

      I was just drinking the standard Bud Light that night. I hadn’t really gotten into the craft beers yet.

  4. Okay, this is perhaps one of my bitchiest stories ever… but I did once trick a guy into first shaving his head and then waxing it (the first out of vanity, the second out of laziness). Since I had to rescue him when I couldn’t take the screams anymore (his dudebros were making a mess of it and bruising his scalp horribly) I’ve actually waxed a man’s head and am in a position to help you if you’re still thinking this is a thing worth trying.

    Thing #1: the hair really has to be at least 1/4 inch long, or the wax can’t grab it. Shorter is fine for hair follicles that have been compromised by years of waxing, but that’s a virgin head and it needs some help.

    Thing #2: we found that what worked best was for him to be prone on his belly so I could work above him and limit his range of motion. Also, harder for him to take a swing that way.

    Thing #3: Always always always pull along the direction of the skin, not straight up or away from the head; hand should almost be brushing the scalp the whole length of the strip. Again, easier to do if you’re lying down.

    Thing #4: Heads are loaded with loose skin. It’s weird, it’s almost like they’re meant to be bigger than they are? Anyway, loose skin pulls up when you wax, and that hurts like a bitch and bruises if you’re not careful, so in addition to keeping still while working, the hand not pulling the strip should be holding the skin taut in the opposite direction.

    Don’t give up on waxing! Unless you’re thinking you might ever want those hairs to grow, in which case you should absolutely give up on anything that pulls them out by the root. Because eventually the follicle will be so damaged it’ll stop producing hairs forever. Which saves on wax! But now you need more sunscreen.

    Life is about trade-offs.
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  5. OMG! Where were you years ago when I first tried this? It mostly doesn’t grow much anymore and I am lazy, so I just shave it about once a month. If I ever get the urge to try the wax again I will certainly be using your tips. Thanks!

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